Philosophy on Education

At Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy we believe that trusting and revering God is the first and most important step in acquiring knowledge. To this end, all instruction at Cornerstone acknowledges that God is evident in creation, sovereign through history, fully revealed in His son Jesus Christ, and intimately concerned with mankind as individuals. Our students are shown how history displays God’s providence, how mathematics manifests the order and symmetry of His creation, how language arts provide the tools necessary to further His kingdom, how science reveals His actions and methods, and how the creative arts demonstrate the indelible mark of God upon man though the exercise of finite creative abilities.

Our approach to education draws from the history and culture of Western civilization employing the classical model based on the Trivium, a time tested, three-faceted approach to learning consisting of grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. Cornerstone acknowledges the existence of absolute truth and God’s sovereignty over all aspects of His creation. This reasoning construct allows students to explore a variety of challenging ideas and philosophies with confidence and without fear. Through the combination of accurate and thorough knowledge of the past with logical reasoning skills students are trained to learn for themselves and cultivate strong minds that are able to rightly distinguish truth from error. This approach to education encourages independence of mind within a Biblical framework equipping students to think clearly within and beyond the walls of the classroom.

We recognize that parents are ultimately responsible for the education of the children God has entrusted to their care. Our faculty and staff regard their ministry as that of assisting parents in the fulfillment of this God given responsibility. The school functions as a nurturing community where all students are respected as unique individuals who are created in the image of God to serve a specific role within the span of human history. Students are taught by teachers who love Jesus Christ and are dedicated to helping children realize their greatest intellectual, spiritual, social and physical potential.

Though Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy is associated with a Southern Baptist church and completely endorses the doctrines of that denomination, students are not required to maintain full agreement with or be a member of this denomination. Our faculty and staff embrace the tenets of Protestant Christianity as expressed in our Statement of Faith. Beyond these fundamental doctrines we respect and acknowledge an individual’s God given responsibility to study the Holy Scriptures and establish a position with regard to all matters of doctrine.

Ultimately, our goal at Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy is to equip students with the knowledge, skill, and vision necessary to be effective leaders and servants for our Lord Jesus Christ in whatever vocation He may call. We seek to raise up generations of young people who have a genuine love of learning and love of Jesus Christ with all their hearts and minds, and who are able to articulate the Gospel and fundamentals of the Faith with clarity, fidelity, and power.


About Cornerstone Academy's Origin

Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy was born out of the vision of Morningview Baptist Church. Morningview is a Southern Baptist church located in historic Montgomery, Alabama.

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