6 Ways to Love Our Neighbor in the Classroom

Mr. Lee spent some time during our first week of school visiting every classroom and discussing ways that our students can love one another, especially in our educational environment. He, with the help of our Cornerstone teachers, has compiled a list of particular areas of temptation in our school. Those areas informed his talk, which encouraged students to love one another in these specific ways:

1. Avoiding BFF Language- Here at Cornerstone we encourage everyone to be "Good Friends." When students slip into the language of BFF, the result is often that feelings are hurt. Therefore, our students are encouraged to just consider all their classmates as "Good friends."

2. Sharing- Each of our classes was reminded that loving our neighbor includes sharing with them the things that we have been given. Mr. Lee reminded the students that everything we have has been shared with us by God; thus, by sharing with others we are acting as God acts.

3. Don't Be A Friend Hog- This principle is an extension of #2. We want our students to recognize that we can't demand the full attention of our friends all the time. In fact, part of loving our neighbor includes granting them the opportunity to spend time with others. Instead of being a "friend hog," Mr. Lee encouraged our students to "have an open circle," meaning that we always have room for one more friend in our circle.

4. Remembering That We Are Never Alone- Mr. Lee drew a lone stick figure on the board and asked the students if that person was alone. Interestingly, the K–2 grades got the answer immediately, but the older students didn't. The answer is: No. We are never alone; God is always with us. And, as Mr. Lee emphasized, if God is always with us then we should always behave as such. Even if your teacher leaves the room, the rules still apply and we should behave in a manner that honors God. The rules still apply when we walk to lunch, recess, music, art, or anywhere else.


5. Have A Gracious Spirit, Not a Legal Spirit- One particular temptation for a school that so highly values truth, precision, and excellence, is that we can be tempted to have an unbending spirit when dealing with others. This may manifest itself in students that are quick to try and correct the teachers, or when we jump to conclusions instead of extending grace. Thus, Mr. Lee encouraged the students to remember that we all make mistakes, that the Bible encourages us to be quick to forgive, and that we all need grace.

6. (Beginning in the 3rd Grade) Are You Ready To Be Married? - Mr. Lee asked our students that question, which was often answered with a good laugh. However, the principle that Mr. Lee was emphasizing was that our students are not ready to be married. In fact, most of them aren't even close to thinking about marriage. In light of that, our students don't need to be concerned with who is liked by whom, and what boy has a crush on what girl, etc. Those types of conversations are rarely helpful and most often lead to hurt feelings. Thus, we all agreed to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, and to not worry about crushes and dating until we are ready to discuss marriage.


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