Building the lives of young people on Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone.


Our Core Values

We are a Christian learning community. We exist to assist like-minded parents in the Christian nurture and education of their children. We teach all subjects from a Biblical worldview.

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Our Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy. Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy requires several steps in the admissions process.

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Our Philosophy on Education

Our approach to education draws from the history and culture of Western civilization employing the classical model based on the Trivium, a time tested, three-faceted approach to learning.

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Our Mission Statement

“So this is what the Sovereign Lord says: ‘See I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, for a sure foundation: the one who trusts will never be dismayed.” Isaiah 28:16

Cornerstone Christian Academy’s ultimate objective is to glorify God by preparing students spiritually and intellectually for life-long service in His kingdom. Utilizing the time tested Classical methodology along with an academically excellent curriculum, we exist for the purpose of training students to think critically, reason clearly, and communicate persuasively and articulately from a biblical perspective. Building on the foundation of God and His Word, students will develop a Christian worldview and recognize their value and worth as explained in Scripture.

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What our parents are saying about Cornerstone...

Our family has been blessed by Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy for 7 years now. As a parent, I praise God for the opportunity our family has had to be part of this incredible school community. Each year the teachers and staff faithfully pour into my daughter's life constantly pointing her to Christ. I have watched her grow in confidence and ability academically. She has been stretched and challenged, but not without support and encouragement. Being in a smaller school, the teachers know her strengths and weaknesses and speak to both appropriately. Ultimately, what we love and value is their desire to shepherd the hearts of the students. The heart of Cornerstone is the gospel. As parents, we are blessed to have the blessing of seeing the fruit of this in the life of our daughter. It affects every area of her life giving her an outlook that looks beyond the immediate, but to see the hand of God in all of history and the present. Thank you, Cornerstone for being part of her story of faith in Christ!
Michele Hough : mother of a 8th grader

About Cornerstone Academy's Origin

Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy was born out of the vision of Morningview Baptist Church. Morningview is a Southern Baptist church located in historic Montgomery, Alabama.

Cornerstone Classical Christian Academy

125 Calhoun Road
Montgomery, Alabama 36109
(School door located off of Brantwood Drive.)
Phone (334) 356-7788
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